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Getting Creative with Photo Books

Getting Creative with Photo Books - Lollipops & Laptops

I initially planned to write about how I’ve gotten away with throwing away all my kids’ crappy artwork by taking photos of them and turning them into photo books. And I have, in fact, done that. But every mom blogger out there is talking about this idea. It’s not a novel one. Instead, when I was organizing my photos and making sure they were backed up properly to the cloud, I realized I had an album’s worth of photos that were truly worthy of paying to put together into an album.

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5 Ways to Get out of the House in the Morning with Kids

My husband and I both work full time in demanding jobs. To add insult to injury, my husband travels for work. A lot. When he’s home, he takes the kids to school and I pick them up. Their regular routine has them leaving the house 30 minutes later than I do. So when my husband travels and I have to get them out of the house earlier, chaos naturally ensues. To have even a chance of getting to work at a reasonable hour, I’ve implemented a series of tricks… Read more…

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