Good Vibes from Around the Web: October - Lollipops & Laptops

This month has flown by and I can’t believe the holidays are fast approaching. After taking three trips in August and September, this month was about schedules, organizing, and making plans for the upcoming new year. Check out some of the intriguing and inspiring content from around the web this month that is satisfying my inner #girlboss, my wanderlust, and hitting on that mom life.

Live Well

Good Vibes from Around the Web: October - Lollipops & LaptopsPraise your kids. They need to reach high and know they can become whatever they want to be. Don’t praise them. You’ll just fill them with false promises and they’ll become entitled, whiny brats as adults. There’s a lot of controversy about the right way to encourage our kids, especially girls. This provided a nice, neutral way to focus on effort over ability. Being honest about struggles and failures helps kids learn to use those struggles as opportunities to learn and grow.

Good Vibes from Around the Web: October - Lollipops & LaptopsAs someone who is equally committed to my career trajectory as I am to being a present mother, I’m constantly re-calibrating and trying to find fulfillment. I loved this article that talks about tangible things you can do in pursuit of a fulfilled life. Spoiler alert: it’s mostly about mindset.

Work Smart

Good Vibes from Around the Web: October - Lollipops & LaptopsI’m not exactly sure what you’d call what I’m doing with this blog besides chipping away at the extremely limited amount of free time I have between working full time and parenting, but it was borne out of a need for catharsis, and this article resonated with me since it reinforced what I am doing and gave some insight as to why so many of us don’t stop with our “day” job.

Good Vibes from Around the Web: October - Lollipops & LaptopsIf I could be in school forever, I probably would. I love school. But alas, seven years and six figures was enough for me, so I have relegated myself to less formal learning environments. I’ve been searching for online courses that can help round out my skills, but many of them aren’t cheap and my company only pays for courses that directly impact my current job–not things that can help me grow. I was happy to find this list of cheap options for courses to expand myself in many ways. I really liked that this list includes the pricing right there so you don’t have to click through only to find out it’s outside of your budget.

Play Hard

Good Vibes from Around the Web: October - Lollipops & LaptopsI loved this list of top influencers in various categories. It’s not only an interesting look into the lives of people who make a pretty awesome living on social media, but it also is a great resource of influencers to follow for new inspiration in all aspects of life.


Good Vibes from Around the Web: October - Lollipops & Laptops

I’ve been dreaming about a surf/yoga retreat for many years. About a year ago I came across this amazing company that plans these incredible retreats. My husband suggested I book one since I was finally past the nursing stage with the kiddos so I could leave for a week without working out crazy logistics (and only with the typical mommy-guilt). They’ve even started expanding to golf and now snow retreats, so I basically want to sign up for Every. Single. One. Who’s with me??