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3 Money Mistakes My Parents Made and How I’m Doing it Differently

Teaching kids about money for healthy money habits.

3 Money Mistakes My Parents Made and How I’m Doing it Differently

My parents both came from typical middle-class families, and until I was a teenager, they were making a comfortable living. When I was 13, their software company went public and they literally became wealthy over night, which significantly altered our standard of living. They constantly hammered home their one money mantra–live below your means–but that meant very little to me without any context. Lucky as my hand was, my parents made a few key mistakes when it came to teaching me about money, and it wholly affected the way I understood and spent money. I’ve vowed to do it differently for my kids.

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5 Ways to Get out of the House in the Morning with Kids

My husband and I both work full time in demanding jobs. To add insult to injury, my husband travels for work. A lot. When he’s home, he takes the kids to school and I pick them up. Their regular routine has them leaving the house 30 minutes later than I do. So when my husband travels and I have to get them out of the house earlier, chaos naturally ensues. To have even a chance of getting to work at a reasonable hour, I’ve implemented a series of tricks… Read more…

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